Deux Ex virtual ava

Deux Ex virtual ava

Roadmap for 2018

entropia universePosted by deux.ex 22 Dec, 2017 11:13:07
HereĀ“s Deux Ex little roadmap for 2018:

Reach lvl 100 (uber) in both damage and hits.
Reach lvl 55 in evade and unlock quickness skill (almost there, 54.20 atm)

Earnings (globals/hofs in hunting) 2017:
253.294ped ($US 25329) not including loot lesser then 50ped
2048 globals/hofs over 50ped

#58 on the top hunters 360 days list.

Craft less because that is where I loose more then in hunting.

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Deux Pelleman Ex 15 Nov, 2018 15:57:13

Some goals fulfilled.
Lvl 100 blp damage passed.
Lvl 62 evader atm

Carfting less, 99.9% hunting

Tc all. Peace!